It’s time for vacation!

Rock-Star English version: Hello lovelies, what do you need for a perfect summer? Sun, beach, ocean, cocktails and fun? I really love traveling. It's always interesting to see new places, to meet new people and to find out about other cultures. This summer I can't go on a journey because I have to organize everything for … Weiterlesen It’s time for vacation!

#NoRulesJustFun by OTTO

Update: Dieser Beitrag hat beim #NoRulesJustFun by OTTO-Wettbewerb gewonnen. Ich freue mich riesig :). English: This post won the #NoRulesJustFun competition. I am very happy :). Deutsche Version (English version below): Hallo meine Lieben, wann standet ihr das letzte Mal vor eurem Kleiderschrank und habt ein Outfit herausgegriffen, ohne über diverse Moderegeln nachzudenken? Schon im … Weiterlesen #NoRulesJustFun by OTTO

Curls and grey coat

English version: Hello dears, maybe you recognized that I love to wear grey clothes at the moment?! In my opinion grey is a color that matches many other colors and that looks cool combined to other shades of grey. I was looking for a long coat for a while and now I found this one at Zara in Hamburg. … Weiterlesen Curls and grey coat