New York – City of dreams

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Dress: Tobi, Shoes: Deichmann, Bag: Victoria’s Secret X Balmain, Photos: Jennie Photography NYC

English version: Hello lovlies,  since I was a child I was fascinated by New York City. Especially the skyscrapers that I knew from pictures and the vibes of the city that I knew from many movies made me so curious about NY. Obviously also the fashion and the street styles were a part of the reason why I wanted to visit the city.

In 2011 I finally went to New York for the first time in my life. My trip was even better than I could have ever dreamed of. When I went back to Germany I knew I would come back as soon as possible.

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After I graduated from high school in 2014 I traveled through California, Arizona and Nevada before I was living in New York City for a while. Moreover I got to know a part of my family that I have never met before. Ever since we are really close.
Back then it was my biggest wish to visit the New York Fashion Week. My dream came true and I visited the shows of some of my favorite designers like Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs for example. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to experience all of this. When I came back to Germany I moved to Berlin where I started studying fashion design. I knew that I wanted to come back for a semester abroad or for my internship.

… and here I am … in my fifth semester of uni … back in New York. I made so many memories in this city that it feels like home. There is no place in the world where I feel happier than here.

Of course I also visited the fashion week again. This time I saw 41 shows and presentations, I met so many amazing people, made new friends, got to know some of the designers and saw the models getting ready backstage. I will tell you more about my New York Fashion Week experiences in the next posts.

Here are some photos of my first Fashion Week look. Especially the lace detail of the  blue velvet dress  from Tobi is an eye-catcher. How do you like it combined with my shoes from Deichmann?

XOXO Julia

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Deutsche Version: Hallo ihr Lieben, seit ich ein Kind war, faszinierte mich New York. Die Hochhäuser, die ich nur aus Bildern kannte, die Atmosphäre dieser besonderen Stadt, die ich in so vielen Filmen gesehen hatte und natürlich die Mode, haben mich unendlich neugierig gemacht auf die Metropole.

Das erste Mal war ich 2011 mit meinen Eltern in New York und die Eindrücke waren noch viel intensiver, als ich es mir je erträumt hätte. Damals wusste ich sofort, dass ich so schnell wie möglich zurückkommen würde.

So kam es dann auch … Kurz nach meinem Abitur bin ich eine Zeit lang durch Amerika gereist (Kalifornien, Arizona, Nevada …) und habe zum Schluss eine Weile in New York City gelebt. Damals hatte ich schon meinen Blog gegründet und es war mein größter Traum, die New York Fashion Week zu besuchen. Dieser Traum sollte in Erfüllung gehen. Ich habe Shows einiger meiner Lieblingsdesigner, wie Donna Karan und Marc Jacobs besucht und unter anderem die Project Runway Show gesehen.

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Als ich wieder zurück in Deutschland war, ging mein Modedesignstudium in Berlin los. Für mich stand fest: Mein Praktikum möchte ich unbedingt in New York machen. Und nun bin ich wieder zurück in dieser aufregenden Stadt. Mit dieser Stadt verbinde ich mittlerweile so viele Erinnerungen. New York ist mein zweites Zuhause und nirgendwo fühle ich mich so glücklich wie hier.

Natürlich habe ich auch wieder die New York Fashion Week besucht – Posts folgen … aber so viel sei schon mal verraten: Ich habe 41 tolle Shows und Präsentationen gesehen, habe viele interessante Leute getroffen, neue Freunde gefunden, Designer kennengelernt und gesehen, wie die Models backstage gestylt wurden.

Hier ein paar Fotos von meinem ersten Fashion Week Look.  Das blaue Samtkleid  vom amerikanischen Onlineshop Tobi ist qualitativ hochwertig und ich finde, das Schnürungs-Detail macht das Kleid zu etwas Besonderem. Dazu tage ich Overknee-Stiefel von Deichmann.

XOXO Julia

Photos: Jennie Photography NYC 

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25 Gedanken zu “New York – City of dreams

  1. Julia, this is really touching story!!! As a person who came from Africa( Uganda) as you know it already and relocated to the USA 2013 also had a similar dream like yours. Your story got me, for sure!

    1. It is really touching that you could realize your dream(s). And now your son is with you. I am sure that this is an amazing experience that is very difficult to put into words. Enjoy 🙂
      Julia ❤

      1. Julia,
        Thank you for being a good friend of mind, a friend who understands me!!! Yes, taking care of my son is becoming a job itself, but good enough both we love each other so much and he loves to study too. Thank you again for expressing your kind heart into this message! Bless your heart,

      2. Thanks A LOT, Julia! My son is so happy to be in Oregon and the kids here has been treating him well. He always visit your blog more often because his interested with stylish and traveling!

    1. Awee that’s so nice of you. Thank you so much. I am still working on my New York Fashion Week posts besides my internship & uni. 😀 They will be up on my blog soon. 🙂
      Julia ❤

      1. I so look forward to all your upcoming posts. Although I am much older than you, we share a love of fashion, clothing and all it brings into our lives. I am a fan, and you are one very talented person. Go girl!!!! ❤

  2. Nice story! 🌹💖
    I live in Chicago, yet I’ve never been to New York because I work, school and care for family. I’m so envious! You got a beautiful life.💋

      1. Oh! I guess I am indeed lucky to live in Chicago with its ridiculous taxes. 😊 Anyways that’s how (taxes) big cities keep up. Visit sometime in the summer. You might like lollapalooza! If you do lemme know. So we can meet up for photo sharing! ♥️😊💋

      2. Ohh haha I can imagine. 😀
        I would love to visit Chicago in summer. I just saw it in winter while it was freezing and snowing. Still loved it. 😉
        I heard of Lollapalooza and I definitely would love to go there one day. And I also would love to meet you. 🙂 Sound like a really good idea. Can’t wait.
        Julia ❤

  3. New York ! New York !

    „Sanft mischet sich die Farbe zarter Rosen
    Zum Elfenbein auf ihrem Angesicht,
    Indeß, vom süßen Hauch der Lieb‘ umfächelt,
    Die Ros‘ allein auf ihrem Munde lächelt…“

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